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“I’ve written dozens of proposals and have never received feedback as in-depth and helpful as that provided by Unfunded List.”
The OASIS Initiative

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"Unfunded List has provided thousands and thousands of pages of feedback from hundreds of experts to hundreds of programs from dozens of countries."
Chris Tull
Unfunded List Evaluator

What is Unfunded List?

Unfunded List attempts to demystify philanthropy. Our articles, podcasts and events are sources of public education about philanthropy and our evaluation committee provides feedback, connections and recognition to unfunded grant proposals

Listen to our Podcasts, read Articles about the world of philanthropy and collaborate in person at live Unfunded List Events (when it’s possible to do so again)

Nada Zohdy from Open Gov Hub

Unfunded List has an office! We are members of a coworking space focused on open government, accountability and transparency called OpenGov Hub in Washington, DC.

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