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Have a great idea? Have you written it down? Unfunded List’s experienced, talented, and well-connected evaluators provide helpful & candid feedback to social entrepreneurs and change makers.
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Great proposal? Need feedback? Unfunded List

Send us your best fundraising materials and we will send you helpful and candid advice from our Evaluation Committee.


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Have a great idea? Written it down? Submit it to us and our evaluators will provide helpful and candid feedback.

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What do the Unfunded have to say about us?

The Unfunded List coordinates the review of unfunded proposals, provides candid feedback, and publishes the important proposals to a List. Many Unfunded List honorees have gone on to tremendous growth but everyone receives helpful feedback from us.

“We just got $60K in new funding! This foundation had not funded in the disability space before. You helped us break a glass ceiling!!”

~Jennifer, RespectAbility

“Thanks for the incredible feedback, and for funneling opportunities to us! We now have $360k to scale up and develop another fingerprint scanner (for babies!)”

~Christine, Simprints

“I’ve written dozens of proposals and have never received feedback as in-depth and helpful as that provided by Unfunded List.”

~Daniel, The OASIS Initiative