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1000 Proposals

On behalf of the Unfunded List board of directors and the entire Unfunded List Evaluation Committee, we are proud to let you know that we recently reviewed our one thousandth proposal. One thousand proposal reviews means hundreds of thousands of helpful and candid comments to hundreds of organizations in nearly one hundred countries.

Our support does not end with a report. Our founder Dave has had five hundred report discussions with proposal authors and our managing director Margaret has had over two hundred. Together, armed with comments from the Unfunded List Evaluators, we have helped brainstorm successful strategies and campaigns. We have identified new potential partners, facilitated dozens of introductions, found new board members and advisors (including several of the evaluators), and helped to raise millions of dollars in new funding for unfunded proposals. We are grateful to hundreds of evaluators, donors, and board members for their leadership in this effort. We hope everyone has enjoyed their assignments and found value in the opportunity to review with us.

If you have never reviewed with us, now is a great time to start as we are excited to review our next thousand proposals.

The Unfunded List Evaluation Committee has become a powerful network of helpers. We look forward to one day sending our ten thousandth report. To get there, we are asking for your help to grow the organization with a donation to the Unfunded List. We want to keep growing our community, to listen more, to learn more, and to speak more. To review more proposals, provide more helpful suggestions, candid criticisms, and useful introductions. More questions asked and answered. And, of course, more donations.

Please help us get there by making a tax-deductible donation today. Donations from evaluators are matched by our board members and every donor receives a free gift.

If you admire our work, but have never donated before, now is a great time to start.This year we have to pass the public support test with the IRS, something we discussed at this year’s Symposium for Inclusive Philanthropy which you can watch online for free. With your support, we hope to continue to produce free events, blogs, podcasts and more about philanthropy, and of course, we’ll keep reviewing proposals too.

One thousand proposals since 2015 is an impressive achievement. We are proud and grateful for your support in getting us there. We know there are thousands of proposals out there and  we can help them all. With your help, we can ensure that everyone who takes the time to write a grant proposal receives helpful and candid support.

Thank you again,

Dave Moss

1000 proposals unfunded list

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