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Have a great idea? Have you written it down? Unfunded List’s experienced, talented, and well-connected evaluators provide helpful & candid feedback to social entrepreneurs and change makers.
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About Us · The Unfunded List

Unfunded List

Est. 2015

Unfunded List, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit whose charitable mission is to educate the public about philanthropy. Twice a year we provide rigorous feedback to unfunded proposals. We also write articles about grant-making and the nonprofit sector and interview philanthropists for our podcast. We host Unfunded University events to provide in person education to our applicants and host an annual Evaluator Summit for our evaluation committee. At Unfunded List we believe that great ideas deserve great feedback and the funding they need too succeed.

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Are you involved with a group, project, cause, movement, idea, social impact organization, nonprofit or other potential solution to a social problem whose project budget is less than $5,000,000 (give or take?)

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Unfunded List’s Evaluation Committee

Board of Directors

Alexander McLaughlin Simon Simon Family Fund
George Ingalls Tecovas Foundation
Jen Storm Deloitte
Peter Williamson Game Genius
Ashley Lahoud Northside Center for Child Development
Jane Moss, PhD Duke University 
Lana Fern White Light Strategies
Dave Moss  Unfunded List

Founding Board of Directors

Alexander McLaughlin Simon Simon Family Fund
Alexandra Dickinson Awesome Foundation DC
Anne Long Greater Charitable Foundation
George Ingalls Tecovas Foundation
Seanna Bruno One Love Foundation
Jane Moss, PhD Duke University
Christine LeViseur MendonçShore to Shore Advisory
David Talenfeld, MBA, JD Talenfeld Enterprises
Sarah Hillware World Bank