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Have a great idea? Have you written it down? Unfunded List’s experienced, talented, and well-connected evaluators provide helpful & candid feedback to social entrepreneurs and change makers.
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Unfunded List’s Evaluation Committee

Why should I join?

Unfunded List conducts two rounds of proposal review annually. Unfunded proposals come in through our website and we thoughtfully assign them to a cohort of relevant evaluators. Our committee includes over 300 experts from a variety of fields and new members are added weekly – ensuring that we are capable of reviewing any social impact funding proposal on any topic. The experience for evaluators is rewarding and flexible and the time commitment minimal. Twice a year evaluators receive a curated batch of proposals most relevant to their work and are given 1.5 to 2 months to provide their feedback which we collate into reports and deliver to the applicants. Our goal is to provide helpful and candid feedback to every proposal we receive along with recognition and additional opportunities for the best proposals we review.

The evaluation committee is a great way to grow professional skills while giving back to the social sector by supporting the strategic efforts of struggling but high potential nonprofits. We review proposals twice a year, the review is done at your leisure, evaluators have a full 6 weeks to read the proposals and they can submit their feedback directly in whatever format makes most sense (the Unfunded List team also provides a handy form for submitting feedback). It takes about an hour to review one proposal and the potential impact is huge. For a lot of these applicants this is their first exposure to critical feedback from an expert.

We are looking for helpful and candid feedback and we ask each evaluator to focus on their areas of expertise. Editors make grammar and spelling comments, grant-writers comment on formatting and phrasing and use their knowledge of the sector to suggest potential funders, our issue area experts comment on impact and the field, while our more well-networked evaluators think of potential funders that the applicant could go to next. We even have reviewers who are funders themselves and consider the proposal for their own philanthropy. The goal is comprehensive and useful feedback for every applicant with as many tangible suggestions as possible. If this sounds fun and you’re willing to join the committee please fill out the form above.

The following individuals have participated in at least one round of Unfunded List review. The majority are still active members and we are recruiting new members every week.

Abdul Rab Qatar Foundation
AJ Chalom Grant Reviewer
Alexander McLaughlin Simon Simon Family Fund
Alexandra Berrio Yale University
Alexandra Dickinson Awesome Foundation DC
Amanda “The Monopoly Man” Werner Public Justice
Amir Samandi SOS San Antonio
Amy Lazarus Inclusion Ventures
Andrea Bufka Bufka Family Foundation
Andrea Guendelman BeVisible
Anne Long Greater Charitable Foundation
Ariana Snowdon Hill-Snowdon Foundation
Ashley Lahoud Northside Center for Child Development
Athena Lao The Fulbright Program
Ben Smilowitz Disaster Accountability Project
Ben Swig Ready Responders
Billy Williams Nuru International
Bob Ottenhoff Center for Disaster Philanthropy
Brian Weinberg Nexus Global Youth Summit
C’pher Gresham SEED Spot
Calum Lindsay-Field Atlas Corps
Camielle Headlam MDRC
Candice Cook Cook Law Group
Caren Yanis Croland Consulting
Carmen Rios Ms. Magazine
Chris Schembra 747 Club
Chris Trull Chris Trull Fundraising
Christine LeViseur Mendonça  Humans on the Move
Craig Montuori Global EIR Coalition
Daniel Jeydel OMAZE
Daniel Karpantschof Copenhagen Industries
Dara Barlin Dare Consulting
Dave Moss Unfunded List
Dave Talenfeld Talenfield Enterprises
David McMichael Austin Theatre Alliance
David Homan America Israel Cultural Foundation
Deborah Applefeld Foundation Professional
Debra Gittler ConTextos
Denielle Sachs Tembo Group
Diane H. Leonard DH Leonard Consulting & Grant Writing Services, LLC
Elissa Schular Adair Commonwealth Care Alliance
Erika Brice Rector Development
Evan Schein PurposeEnergy
Fran Holuba 100,000 Strong in the Americas Innovation Fund
Gene Gurkoff Charity Miles
Gurpreet Singh Skoll Foundation
Gligor Tashkovich AlphaSource Capital
George Ingalls Tecovas Foundation
Grant Goodwin The Breakout Project

Heidi Webb Cornerstone Montgomery
Henry Goodelman ReJews
Ian Fisk Mentor Capital Network
Ilona Dougherty Youth & Innovation Research Project
Isabel Sheinman Library for All
Jackie Horstmann Miriam’s Kitchen
Jai Winston Knight Foundation
Jane Moss, Ph.D Duke University
Jeanita Moore Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Jeff Ubois MacArthur Foundation
Jenna Nicholas Impact Experience
Jess Rimington Stanford University
Jess Warren Headwaters Foundation
Jesse Grossman Minds for Hire
Jia Liu Coursera
Jon Beninson House of Genius
Jon Bougher Emic Films
Joshua Kleyman Vesey Foundation
Juanita Adames Counterpart International
Julia Kittross Philanthropy Sherpas
Julián Bronstein Global Shapers
Kate Hinchey Wise Unicorn Families

Karen Hedge Scottish Care
Karen Wawrzaszek Rockefeller & Co.
Karla Ortiz Flores LatinX Box
Karolle Rabarison World Wide Web Foundation
Kathy Mota Toyota
Kelley Louise Travel+Social Good
Kenny Smilovitch Duman Entrepreneurship Center
Kosta Grammatis Al Jazeera America
Lana Fern White Light Strategies
Laura Elsey Miriam’s Kitchen
Lauran Potter World Wide Web Foundation
Lauren Hasey Philanthropy Consultant
Liza Dubrow Align Impact
Mahayana Landowne Director & Interactive Artist
Mahrinah von Schlegel, MBA I365 Strategies
Mali Locke Center for Strategic Philanthropy – Milken Institute
Mamie Kanfer Stewart Lippman Kanfer Family Foundation
Margaret Chapman Statera Strategies
Maria Choi Fast Forward
Mark G. Jackson Fiat Physicia
Martina Buchal Speaker & Consultant
Mary Galeti Tecovas Foundation
Matthew Lesko Lesko.com
Megan Leavy Access Consulting
Mei Powers Miriam’s Kitchen
Michael Pellman-Rowland Alpenrose Wealth Management International / Forbes
Michael Robbins, MBA Span Learning
Michelle Adames-Sucameli Grantwriter

Mickey Penzer Penzer Family Office & Foundation
Mike Berkowitz Third Plateau Strategies
MJ Krongard Charidy
Myles Katz EFK Group (Eco Fuels Kenya)
Nadia Block Block Family Foundation
Nancy Jones Brandeis University
Oxsana Stasyuk Barclay’s
Padma Tumuluri Third Sector Collaborations
Paulette Pierre Grants Consultant
Rachel Hodes The Slingshot Fund
Rajiv Vinnakota Aspen Institute
Reba Thomas Stone Soup FIlms
Richard J. Moss, Ph.D Author, Colby College
Rick Schneider National Center for Family Philanthropy
Roshana Mehdian British Embassy of the U.S.
Ross Morales Rocketto Run for Something
Russ Finkelstein ClearlyNext
Sacha Litman Measuring Success
Sanjay Rawal Food Chains
Sarah Glickstein Schusterman Foundation
Sarah Hillware Girls Health Ed
Sarah MacIntosh Mary’s Place
Scott Stein George Washington University
Scott Hesel University of Maryland School of Dentistry
Seanna Bruno One Love Foundation
Shagorica Basu Institutional Giving Consultant
Sharon Smith Tennessee Department of Education
Shawn Landres County of Los Angeles
Stacy Fitzsimmons SNF Writing Solutions
Stephanie Malcom Grant-It Consulting
Stewart Moss The Writer’s Center
Sue Bell Miriam’s Kitchen
Suhas Subramanian Global Corridor Group
Suzanne Kiani Knight Deloitte Canada
Teal Brown Zimring Galvanize Partners
Teryn Wolfe E2E Foundation
Toni La Belle, PhD Growth Philanthropy Network
Theresa Barrett DABS, llc.
Wayne Firestone National Honor Society
Whitney Wade Robert R. McCormick Foundation
Will Guyster Massachusetts Institute for Technology
Zac Russell Russell Family Foundation
Zarin Hamid Center for Women’s Global Leadership