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We are currently reviewing proposals. Our next round of review will be announced this Summer.

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Making the world better by running a nonprofit or other cause requires access to capital. Social change doesn’t happen for free which means fundraising. Too often, hardworking entrepreneurs with great ideas to fix the world have the door to funding shut in their face.

Around the country, as I type this, countless advocates, activists and campaigners are writing detailed grant proposals requesting funds from foundations, corporations and government entities. The majority of these folks will have their proposals rejected. The majority of funds available will go to organizations that have been funded before. Problems will persist as these potential solvers will be left with an unfunded proposal, no funding and no feedback.

We give them a next step to take.

We dust off the proposals, read them and give them helpful and candid feedback. We circulate the best proposals on our list but everyone who applies gets our attention, suggestions and support. Our evaluation committee is made up of over 100 experts and our team individually assigns the proposals after an initial read to the evaluators best suited to help. We collect all the feedback and provide a summary, the full feedback and tangible next steps as part of a comprehensive feedback report. And we’ll even meet with you to discuss the feedback.

We have reviewed over 60 proposals to date and provided hundreds of pages of feedback. Some proposals were recently rejected by a Foundation and the applicants wanted some notes from a fresh set of eyes. Others wanted notes before they submitted for a government grant. We have reviewed one pagers, two page letters, proposals ranging from 5 to 20 pages and corporate sponsorship and marketing decks). A few organizations apply to us every round because they like feedback and see the value in being connected with new evaluators every 6 months.

Whatever the case – if you’ve got a funding proposal laying around you can give it us and we will help you the best you can.


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