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Common Grant Proposal Questions II


Diane H. Leonard, DH Leonard Consulting

Ashley Lahoud, Northside Center for Childhood Development

This was our second time looking over these questions as this session debuted at our original Symposium. For this edition, our guests are Unfunded List evaluators and experienced fundraising professionals who are currently working together professionally submitting grants.  Listen in as they talk about their approach to answering these 5 commonly asked questions on grant applications:

Common Grant Proposal Questions:

1. What is the problem you are trying to solve?

2. What is your impact on the target population and how do you track it with metrics?

3. How are you different from other organizations tackling the same problem?

(aka “How are you innovative?”)

4. If awarded, how will you spend the funds?

5. How does the organization sustain itself? 

(the dreaded sustainability question)


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