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COVID Contributions and the Post-Mask Ask

This session was held as part of our Symposium for Inclusive Philanthropy on July 28-29, 2021

Fundraisers are sometimes misunderstood or even maligned. Collectively, the profession raises hundreds of billions of dollars for nonprofits and social good causes. In a world where services and goods cost money, those with the skills to raise that money can have great impact at organizations doing good. Unfunded List board member Ashley Lahoud is development director at the Northside Center in Harlem and Sarah McIntosh serves on our Governance & Advancement Committee while working as Director of Foundation Relations at Mary’s Center in DC. Both are Unfunded List evaluators who have chosen to make fundraising their profession. They will be joined by moderator George Tsiatis of The Resolution Project to discuss how the work of fundraising has changed over their careers and talk about the future of raising money.

Moderator: George Tsiatis, The Resolution Project

Sarah McIntosh, Director of Foundation Relations, Mary’s Center
Ashley Lahoud, Director of Development and Communications, Northside Center for Child Development