Elizabeth McCormack – Rockefeller Family Philanthropic Office

Update: Unfunded List is saddened today to learn of Elizabeth’s passing. She was a fantastic lady who lived a long, rich, and influential life. We were fortunate to be able to sit down with her for an hour long interview to capture some of her wisdom back in 2017.

Elizabeth McCormack was the perfect premiere interview for Season She (Three) of Open Door Philanthropy. We were honored when she opened her doors to us. In this episode we visited her beautiful apartment in New York City. She served as a member of the Society for the Sacred Heart (a nun, for the unfamiliar) for thirty years and was President of Manhattanville College which is currently in Purchase, NY but Elizabeth reminds us that “in those days, it was actually in Manhattan.”

She left the sisterhood to head the Rockefeller Family Philanthropic Office. Her years of experience in service as a nun, combined with her administrative and fundraising strengths as head of a college made her the ideal choice to run the charitable wing of the wealthiest family in history. In addition to advising the Rockefeller’s and many heirs on their giving responsibilities she would engage across the philanthropic spectrum. Elizabeth chaired the Partnership for Palliative Care, served as a director of the Atlantic Philanthropies, as a trustee at Juilliard School of Music and, quite recently, as a featured guest on Season Sh3 of Open Door Philanthropy – a season of philanthropy interviews featuring woman-identified philanthropists.

Enjoy this episode by clicking play above or search for Open Door Philanthropy wherever you find your podcasts.

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