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Unfunded List hosted our 2nd Evaluator Summit on February 15th and 16th, 2020. We were pleased to partner once again with the GW Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and this year we were excited to add Kettering Family Foundation as a funding and content partner.

Just as we did during our successful inaugural summit in 2018, we provided programming to support our own evaluation committee and improve their skills as evaluators. We were joined by over 70 members of our evaluation committee, both old and new.

For those of you who were unable to attend, we recorded all 3 of our plenary sessions and they are available below, along with the program for the event.


"It rocked. Informative... Interesting....Inclusive. I learned so much and truly appreciate being included!"
Nancy Conrad
Unfunded List Evaluator and Symposiast

Panel Discussions

Couldn’t make it or attended and need to hear a piece of wisdom from one of our panel discussions again? You’re in luck. We took audio recordings of our three main panel discussions. 

Stream away!

So, You wanna be a Founder?

Hosted by Russ Finklestein and featuring Hannah Dehradunwala, Ross Morales Rocketto, Ivelyse Andino and Elle Hearns, this panel of founders looks beyond the mythical role of “The Founder” in our society and discusses what it’s like to actually be one.

The Un-Founder Panel

No one does it alone. Our second panel, moderated by our own Director of Operations, Margaret Chapman, focuses on ways to be involved with projects you are passionate about without starting from scratch. Featuring Elizabeth Franklin, MarQuis Fair and Anne Stauffer, who aren’t founders but have had great impacts on their respective organizations, this panel emphasizes the effectiveness of joining an established organization that is already doing the work that is important to you.

Challenges with Challenges

What is the best way for well-known philanthropists to have social impact? Contests and challenges are not new but have become trendy of late in the world of philanthropy. Are these well- branded challenges great ways to identify grand solutions to social problems? What about the unfunded list of contestants that didn’t win the contest? Are these contests fair and inclusive and available to everyone? Moderated by Becky Lee and featuring Jeff Ubois, Nancy Conrad and Alex Amouyel, this panel of leaders in the field of contest philanthropy grappled with these questions and shared their knowledge.

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