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Russ Finkelstein - Fancy Soda · The Unfunded List

September 30, 2015

Russ Finkelstein is a managing partner at Clearly Next and was on the founding team of Idealist.org where he led the team focused on revenue-generating activities. Russ serves or has served in advisory roles for the Point Foundation, the Moss Family Foundation, the Schusterman Foundation, City Hall Fellows, Equalize Youth, Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy, Selah, Equalize Youth, New Organizing Institute, the Lookout DC and countless others. Most recently he has joined the evaluation committee for the Unfunded List and stopped by the booth to drink some fancy gourmet soda out of a wine glass with Dave Moss (who was drinking wine). Listen to their unscripted chat about the unfunded.

Wine Grants_Russ FinkelsteinClinking

1 Comment

30 September 2015 at 6:53pm

I love Russ and I love Wine Grants, so naturally this is my favourite episode. Great to hear insights from the founder of Idealist!

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