“Freed Money: The History of Philanthropy in the U.S.”

Richard Moss (aka Pete Moss), was the John and Cornelia Gibson Professor of History at Colby College, where he taught U.S. History and American Studies for close to three decades.  A cultural historian, he is the author of two biographies of the post-revolutionary figures Noah Webster and Jedidiah Morse. Later in his career, he became interested in the history of sport and leisure and authored two books on golf and country clubs. He also wrote Eden in the Pines, a history of Pinehurst, North Carolina, his current home. He earned his doctorate at Michigan State University in 1974.  At Colby, his courses on American culture — particularly in the late 19th century — dealt substantially with philanthropy as an important aspect of American life. 

Episode Description: Before learning the practical skills for any endeavor, it is useful to learn the history of the craft. Listen to esteemed Professor Richard J. Moss at Unfunded University 2019’s inaugural keynote: “Freed Money: The History of Philanthropy in the United States.” America is a philanthropic nation but how did it become so and why? And has all this philanthropy accomplished anything? From Quakers and Protestant Reformers to industrialists Carnegie, Rockefeller, and Gates to the the Foundations, 501c3s, and Donor Advised Funds of today, Professor Moss will take us on a critical and well-informed journey through the history of the American desire to share the fruits of capitalism.

“Freed Money: The History of Philanthropy in the U.S.” by Professor Richard J. Moss, PhD

Unfunded University:

Earn your “degree” in non-traditional fundraising, nonprofit management, or grant writing by attending the next Unfunded University! This past April 27th 2019 on the campus of George Washington University, global change-makers registered for classes and learned from and with some of the most experienced leaders in philanthropy. Our next Unfunded University event is currently being planned, stay tuned. 

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