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Grant Proposal Training Sessions with Unfunded List and KujaLink

We recently produced these great grant proposal training sessions with our partners at KujaLink. Unfunded List is excited for 2024 for many reasons, chief among them is our continued partnership with Adeso to support KujaLink, a platform for fundraising CSOs from the Global South. In 2023, Unfunded List reviewed 50 grant proposals for organizations on the platform and we look forward to reviewing at least that many in 2024. To support the partnership, we recently produced a series of grant proposal trainings for KujaLink members. These were dynamic, well-attended sessions, covering topics essential to finding funders, and writing grant proposals with compelling financials.

We recorded each session and are pleased to share them with you below. These are great training sessions for proposal authors and evaluators alike.

If you would like to participate in our upcoming round please find our recent RFP to submit a proposal or sign up to join the committee to review proposals or both!

Grant Proposal Training Sessions

Finding Funders that Fit: Effective Prospect Research 

Finding funders that fit with your goals and priorities is essential for building a successful grantmaking program. In this webinar, we will help to equip CSOs with the tools and insights required to conduct prospect search in the dynamic landscape of philanthropy. Unfunded List Founder Dave Moss will walk participants through strategies for identifying potential donors and determining if they are a good fit. We will look at the latest research tools and data-driven strategies, review tried and true methods for stewarding prospects, and talk about how to approach potential funders with tech.

This webinar aims to empower CSOs with the knowledge and skills necessary to diversify their funding sources and strengthen their financial sustainability. 

Grant Proposal Training on Answering Grant Proposal Questions

A comprehensive webinar on the art of crafting funding proposals. Led by accomplished grantwriters, this session will provide an exploration of the dos and don’ts of proposal writing and presentations and will review some of the most commonly asked grant proposal questions found on international aid applications.

From structuring impactful narratives to aligning proposals with donor expectations, participants will gain valuable insights into the essential elements that captivate funders. 

Practical tips, real-world examples, and interactive discussions will guide CSOs through the intricacies of efficient proposal development, empowering them to communicate their mission, objectives, and impact effectively. Join us for an engaging webinar that promises to elevate your organization’s grant-seeking capabilities and increase your chances of winning grants to fund your projects.

Building Budgets: Presenting Compelling Financials

Having trouble understanding what funders want in a budget? While there’s no one-size fits all answer to financials and budgeting, there are some basic principles that organizations can use to ensure they know what they need to get the work done, and that they can report accurately to funders how they’re spending their money. In this session, we’ll walk through developing an organizational budget, determining if you need program budgets, and how to make sure your grant budget matches your project narrative. Dive into the realm of effective budget presentation with our webinar on navigating the intricacies of funding proposals for philanthropic organizations. This session will explore the essential tools and techniques required to master budgetary communication. Margaret will guide participants through the selection and utilization of cutting-edge budget presentation tools, emphasizing clarity, transparency, and alignment with donor expectations. An insightful exploration that promises to equip your organization with the tools necessary to convey the financial intricacies of your proposal, fostering increased confidence and success in securing crucial philanthropic support.


Margaret Chapman, Unfunded List


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