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Human or AI? Workshop on grantwriting with ChatGPT

A workshop on grantwriting with ChatGPT. Discover the secret sauce that left participants baffled in our “Human or AI” challenge. Spoiler alert: they couldn’t tell the difference! Kyle Schutter, the founder of Grant&CO which has raised $10M for African startups, will lead this workshop on harnessing the power of GPT to supercharge your grant writing skills. Increasingly, organizations are looking to hire writers who know how to bend GPT to their will to get better, faster applications.

Our Thursday session was an interactive workshop on grantwriting with ChatGPT with Kyle Schutter of Grant & Co. Kyle raises money mostly for African entrepreneurs and companies and he walked us through some cases of how he uses ChatGPT to craft grant proposals. 

Clearly, there is a lot of interest in the topic of grantwriting with ChatGPT. This session had our highest attendance of the week, with lots of audience participation and questions. Many of our participants have been using ChatGPT as well in their grant writing and shared many helpful and specific tips. We talked about some of the ways it still falls short.

Of particular interest to me is that Kyle’s grant writing firm is not replacing any staff with AI. Quite the opposite, he is actively hiring more people in order to better leverage the new technology. 

Grant&Co is currently looking to hire grant writers! Learn more here.


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