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Have a great idea? Have you written it down? Unfunded List’s experienced, talented, and well-connected evaluators provide helpful & candid feedback to social entrepreneurs and change makers.
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PODCAST: Ian Fisk of Mentor Capital Network drinks IPAs

January 19, 2019

Ian Fisk of Mentor Capital Network joins us in a brand new booth where he and Dave drink 4 IPAs (courtesy of Lagunitas Brewing Co.) while discussing the fundamental differences between nonprofits and for-profit social ventures.

Mentor Capital Network and Unfunded List both review materials and provide feedback. Ian and his committee of mentors focus on business plans for for-profit ventures while Unfunded List provides feedback on whatever we receive. Ian, along the other leaders behind Mentor Capital Network, have provided feedback and support to almost 1,000 different business plans and his alumni have gone on to raise or earn over $1,000,000,000. The Unfunded List is excited about this partnership for our Spring 2019 round of review.

Proposals are due by March 15th and you can submit your proposal through either program.