Join our Evaluation Committee

Unfunded List’s evaluators provide helpful and candid feedback to social entrepreneurs and change makers. 

The collective work of our Committee has produced thousands of pages of helpful feedback for hundreds of organizations from around the world. 

Who are the Evaluators?

Our evaluation committee is made up of grant-writers, issue experts, founders, funders and volunteers that want to lend their knowledge and expertise to underfunded change makers. 


Providing feedback and advice to unfunded proposals will help change makers hone their message, improve their ideas and potentially increase their chances of securing funding, find collaborators or achieve their mission.

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Twice a year evaluators receive a curated batch of proposals most relevant to their interests and are given up to two months to provide their feedback via our website.

Our Goals

We provide helpful and candid feedback to every proposal that is sent to us and our goal is to keep our Evaluator Committee as diverse and varied as the proposals we receive.

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How does the evaluation process work?

Social change makers submit their unfunded proposals to Unfunded List.

Unfunded List assigns each proposal to a hand selected team of evaluators.

Each evaluator reads the materials they have been assigned and provides their candid and helpful feedback through our website.

Unfunded List compiles everyones feedback into comprehensive reports that are sent to each submission.

Evaluators are also invited to follow up directly with the organization with additional information or resources. 

Evaluator FAQ

Unfunded List is a nonprofit formed to help educate the public, particularly first time grant proposal writers, about philanthropy. The Unfunded List began in 2015 when a handful of volunteers asked social entrepreneurs around the world to send us their best unfunded grant proposals.  An expert volunteer evaluation committee read these proposals and every applicant received helpful and candid feedback. We published some of the most interesting proposals to our official Unfunded List and promoted it as far as we could. We also delivered helpful and candid feedback to every single applicant.

Seeing the potential from this first round we formed this not for profit, 501c3 organization dedicated to providing information about philanthropy to the social sector. We continue to review grant proposals twice a year but have expanded to provide comprehensive feedback to anyone doing social impact projects – just send us whatever written materials you have that best describe your organization and our experts will take a look.  Currently, our evaluation committee is comprised of over 500 members from all over the world.

We do not provide direct funding of proposals.

Instead, every applicant is guaranteed a comprehensive feedback report and receives equal attention from our committee. Whenever possible, we connect proposals with potential funders and this often results in the funding of proposals. Additionally, it is not uncommon for reviewers to follow up with organizations directly in order to become more involved a supporters, advisors, donors, etc.

The Unfunded List operates with the generous support of our board of directors, a handful of individual family foundations and the MacArthur Foundation. We also charge $100 per application submitted to our program.

Unfunded List is a 501c3 organization. You can support our work with a tax deductible gift here: Donate to Unfunded List

There is a strong correlation between Unfunded List honorees and increased funding, growth, and recognition. Think of the Unfunded List as a “temperature gauge” for the strength of your organization. The stronger your rating, the better position you are to grow and succeed as an organization, and if you have room for improvement, our feedback will help better position you for funding in the future.

One of our first applicants, Accountability Lab, has seen their budget grow from $400k to almost $2 million and the Director of their Mali program received one of the first Obama Fellowships. Another Unfunded List honoree, Simprints, recently applied to and won first prize for the WeWork Creator Awards in London on the recommendation of the Unfunded List evaluation Committee and won $360,000. From last round, which was just completed, one of our applicants SoaPen received a prestigious Halcyon Fellowship and RespectAbility, a current honoree, received a $60,000 grant from the New York Women’s Foundation after incorporating our feedback into their appeal.

Some of our speedier evaluators can review a proposal in under half an hour hour. Others do deeper research and might spend a few hours on their reviews. We encourage our evaluators to take as much time as they need. Just please hit our deadlines and give honest and candid feedback to the proposals you have been assigned.

Yes. Everyone lives in the world and feels its effects. Your perspective has value and we would love to share it with social entrepreneurs and nonprofit founders trying to make the world a better place.