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Lilian Wang was born in Taiwan and moved to Vancouver as a girl. Many years later she would attend the Nexus Global Summit in New York City and agree to a podcast interview with Dave Moss. As a scientist, strategist, and entrepreneur, Lilian is in pursuit of creating the highest amount of impact in the world in her lifetime. As a podcast host who interviews philanthropists, Dave wanted to interview her. Lilian’s first response was that she “is not a philanthropist.” Something we hear often from people (usually from people who definitely are philanthropists) and we enjoyed unpacking that sentiment a bit in this episode.

Lilian Wang started her career as a geneticist and immunologist, earning a masters degree from the University of British Columbia. During her Ph.D. candidacy, she had a breakthrough discovery and discovered a new immune system specific calcium channel that is a significant critical regulator of t cell receptor signalling and naive t cell homeostasis.

As a consultant and strategist, Lilian advised leaders of many Fortune 100 firms across industries in products, utilities, telecom, and banking to create large-scale corporate changes in strategy, management, and technology.

Lilian founded Travive in an effort to transform the world of e-commerce, the shared economy and hospitality. Travive is an AI-driven tech startup that uses deep learning to better understand customer needs and introduce care and love into every client interaction. The company has been featured in Business Insider, California Home and Design, SF Chronicle, SF Gate, and various news media outlets around the globe.

Lilian Wang is a fascinating person who provides some international perspective to Season Sh3. Enjoy,

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