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Open Door Philanthropy Podcast: Mary Galeti of the Tecovas Foundation

December 14, 2018
Dave and Mary at the opening reception for the first Nexus Global Summit.

Dave Moss, our host, first met Mary Galeti of the Tecovas Foundation the day before a gathering of next generation influencers at the White House in 2010. The gathering was a full day of speeches, workshops, discussions and networking for the millennial elite. The day before, a select few attended a tour of the top floor of the state department. The tour was led by Steve Wozencraft, whom we interviewed previously. Mary and Dave got along then and have gotten along since. The group that assembled the following day at the White House eventually evolved into the Nexus Youth Summit.

Mary and Dave stayed engaged with each other through Nexus and collaborated on a number of projects. Shortly after their first meeting, Mary’s foundation sent Dave, along with Mary’s Cousin George Ingalls, to SXSW in Austin where they led a successful anti-corporal punishment campaign. Today, Tecovas Foundation is one of a handful of foundations that supports Unfunded List operations and George serves on our board of directors while Mary is a regular evaluator to the unfunded proposals we review. Tecovas even funds some of the proposals that come through our program.

This is not Mary’s first time in a podcast with Dave. She was previously a guest on #WineGrants and we interviewed her alongside fellow Tecovas grantee and inaugural Unfunded List honoree Blair Glencourse of Accountability. Mary is a thoughtful, committed, engaged young philanthropist with a lot on her mind. It is our sincere hope that you enjoy listening to what she had to say,