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Nonprofit Nuts & Bolts

People love inspiring stories about nonprofits, especially easily hashtagable stories. And while it is true that those of us who work at nonprofits are #blessed, it is also true that much of our day to day work is anything but inspiring. For this session, we had an indepth, fun, and dynamic conversation and focused on 5 real challenges faced by nonprofit employees. It is our hope that a better understanding of the day-to-day work will yield even more helpful and candid advice and more inclusive philanthropy sector. We ended with some specific recommendations for funders looking to help nonprofit professionals with the challenges they face at work. The conversation was moderated by Unfunded List founder Dave Moss and featured Chandler Arnold, the former Executive Vice President of FirstBook and current Founder and CEO of Untraditional Philanthropy as well as Unfunded List Board Member and Director of Development and Communications at Northside Center for Childhood Development. Despite their youthful appearance, these three have nearly 70 years of experience working at nonprofits.