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Nada Zohdy from Open Gov Hub · The Unfunded List

January 20, 2020

Nada Zohdy from Open Gov Hub

  • By: Unfunded List

Unfunded List has an office! We are members of a coworking space focused on open government, accountability and transparency called OpenGov Hub in Washington, DC. We have just completed our first full year in the Hub and it's been great. Our favorite moment so far has undoubtedly been the opportunity to sit down with Nada Zohdy for a special episode of Open Door Philanthropy. 

Nada Zohdy joined the OpenGov Hub in September 2015. As Director she oversees all strategy, operations, and programs for this growing social enterprise, and leads the design and implementation of programs to promote collaboration, innovation and learning across the Hub network of 40 member organizations. In 2015 she received a Master of Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, where she was a Pforzheimer Nonprofit Fellow and   focused on linking democracy/governance with social entrepreneurship/innovation. Nada was a consultant for the OECD through her applied Master's thesis, which analyzed the opinions of 100 local civil society groups about open government reforms in Tunisia. She also performed research on nonprofit collaborations, published by the Stanford Social Innovation Review.

In addition to managing our office space, and teaching classes on models of formation at Unfunded University, she is also a member of the Unfunded List Evaluation Committee. Thanks for a great interview Nada!