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Open Door Philanthropy Podcast

The Open Door Philanthropy Podcast is an opportunity to dive deeper into how major giving works. We conduct long interviews with major givers and experts in philanthropy. Foundation heads, heirs, wealthy patrons, and philanthropy professionals open their doors to Unfunded List founder Dave Moss to discuss philanthropy at length in great detail.

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Season 5

Giving Advisors

From MacKenzie Scott to your local community foundation, professional philanthropy consultants are helping guide billions of dollars in donations every week. But who are they? Where did they grow up? What are their ideas about the process of philanthropy and the administration of Generosity? We will find out on this season of Open Door Philanthropy – Giving Advisors.

Season 5 Episodes

Amy Schiller on Open Door Philanthropy Season 5 Giving Advisors

Amy Schiller

Amy Schiller is a writer and political philosopher. She is currently a Visiting Scholar at Dartmouth College. She has held additional fellowships at Stanford University,

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mali locke open door philanthropy

Mali Locke 

Mali Locke is the sole Managing Director of Inherent Foundation. Most recently, she was the founding Director of Development at the City Fund, a national

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Chandler Arnold open door philanthropy

Chandler Arnold 

Chandler Arnold and the consultancy he founded, Untraditional Philanthropy has a unique approach. This approach is shaped by 25+ years in the social sector as

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dave moss giving advisors open door philanthropy

Season 5 Giving Advisors

Philanthropy Consultants & Giving Advisors The administration of generosity is important work, and many philanthropists want to do it well. Recognizing their own limitations, they

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Anna-Marie Harling 

Anna-Marie Harling of Co-Impact Anna-Marie Harling leads the Philanthropic Collaboration team at Co-Impact, fostering collaboration, mobilizing philanthropic funding, and advocating for more and better funding

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Season 4

Collaborative Giving

We are currently in our fourth season of the Open Door Philanthropy Podcast. This season’s theme is simple in concept but tricky in implementation; Collaborative Giving. Learn how each of our guests channel the power of collaborative giving in their work. 

Emily Rasmussen

Emily Rasmussen

Continuing our series of interviews with collaborative giving leaders, Dave interviews Emily Rasmussen, CEO of Grapevine. Grapevine is an online directory for giving circles that

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Season 4, Episode 3; Aleah Bacquie Vaughn, ED, CJI Fund

Aleah Bacquie Vaughn, Executive Director of the CJI Fund, sits down for a long, wide ranging interview with Dave that spans from Aleah’s childhood, to her career in Africa advocating for the release of political prisoners, to her work with CJI Fund supporting incarceration justice here in the US.

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Special Series:

Unfunded List founder and Open Door Philanthropy host Dave Moss interviews his father, Richard Moss, about America’s Philanthropy History. 

You can read more about how this project came to be or simply listen to the series of interviews, plus the keynote address that inspired it, below. First two episodes are below or you can CLICK HERE for the full playlist.

Season She (three)

Season She (three) highlights women in our sector and explores the unique experiences of being woman-identified in philanthropy.

Candice Cook appears on the Open Door Philanthropy Podcast

Candice Cook – Cook Law Group

Candice Cook philanthropist, lawyer, activist, mom, cronut trademarker, and superstar attended Reality Global 2015 a Schusterman Foundation funded trip to Israel for globally-minded entrepreneurs. Also on that trip was Unfunded List founder Dave Moss. They caught up in the podcast booth this year at Nexus US.

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Season Two - Nexus Summit 2018

Season 2 of the Open Door Philanthropy Podcast was recorded at the 2018 Nexus US Summit that took place at the United States Institute of Peace, located in Washington, D.C. We set up a recording booth at the Summit and interviewed a number of attendees about their work and what drew them to Nexus. 

Season 1

In the first season of the Open Door Philanthropy Podcast, our host, Dave Moss, sits down with major individual donors, board members of “invitation only” foundations, hip millennials, arts patrons, activists and Giving Pledge signatories to candidly discuss their philanthropy and purpose.

Our mission is to demystify philanthropy for the general public while providing a platform for our guests to discuss their working lives and lively conversation about the life that led to their legacy.