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Open Door Philanthropy · The Unfunded List

Unfunded List’s mission is to educate future generations of philanthropists and social entrepreneurs about fundraising and the philanthropic process. Our main program of proposal evaluation reviews hundreds of unfunded proposals a year and provides feedback directly from relevant experts. Sometimes we’re even able to connect unfunded proposals with funders when we find a match.

The Open Door Philanthropy Podcast is an opportunity to dive deeper into how major giving works through long form interviews with major givers and experts in philanthropy. Foundation heads, heirs, heiresses, and other wealthy patrons open their doors to Unfunded List founder Dave Moss and they discuss philanthropy at length in great detail.


Episode One – Rod Roddenberry, Heidi Roddenberry, and Lior Ipp

We begin our series with a two-part episode featuring senior leaders from the Roddenberry Foundation. Rod Roddenberry is Executive Producer of the CBS hit Star Trek:Discovery is also the founder of the Roddenberry Foundation. The Foundation is an effort to fund the future envisioned by Rod’s legendary father, Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry. This lengthy conversation includes Rod, his wife Heidi, herself a reformed fundraiser, who serves as President of the Foundation and the foundation’s steadfast CEO Lior Ipp. Episode One features mostly Rod speaking about his upbringing and entré into the world of major philanthropy. Episode 2 continues with all three members of the Foundation discussing their current funding programs – the Catalyst Fund, the Roddenberry Prize, and the Roddenberry Fellowship.

Episode Two (cont’d) – Rod Roddenberry, Heidi Roddenberry and Lior Ipp

Episode Three – Barbara Harman, Harman Family Foundation and Catalogue for Philanthropy Greater Washington (DC)

Like Dave, Barbara inherited control of her family foundation. The Harman Family Foundation was founded by her father, Sydney Harman who was Undersecretary of Commerce under President Carter and co-founder of the Harman Kardon speaker company. Also like Dave, Barbara founded a nonprofit whose activities include publishing a list (in Barbara’s case it’s a catalogue) of philanthropies. The Catalogue for Philanthropy is a D.C. institution (like Barbara herself) that has raised over $25 million for local charities.

Episode Four – Victor Bogachev, son of Nikolay Bogachev, Russian Oligarch

Victor and Dave first met each other in 2010 at the White House’s first ever convening of young philanthropists. Victor is a Russian whose father was forced to sell his company to GazProm (the state controlled energy giant) for a fraction of it’s worth. For this episode, Dave joins Victor in his hip Boston office to chat about international politics, the potential of the next generation, and philanthropy in Russia (spoiler alert: there isn’t much). If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be the son of a Russian Oligarch this is the podcast episode for you.

Episode Five – Dr. Gregory S. Stone of Conservation International

What does philanthropy do for the Oceans? Dr. Gregory S. Stone is one of the world’s leading experts on Oceans and has worked with some of the world’s most prestigious foundations. Dave traveled to Malibu where Dr. Stone opened his doors for a chat about Oceans and giving.

In addition to his involvement with major institutions like World Economic Forum, Dr. Stone serves as Executive Vice President of Conservation International and is the author of “Soul of the Sea in the Age of the Algorithm” which is currently available on Amazon.

Episode Six – Steve Wozencraft, John D. Evans Foundation

Steve Wozencraft is a legendary fundraiser and philanthropist who once hosted a fundraiser with Hillary Clinton with Donald Trump at Trump Tower. Dave and Steve have known each other for years. In a previous job, Dave worked at Atlas Corps and Steve has recently been named chairman of Atlas Corps’ board of directors. Listen to them reminisce about philanthropy and social good aboard Steve’s yacht – the Waterford.

Episode Seven – Ben Swig of Ready Responders

Dave travels to New Orleans to talk about family philanthropy, health and startups with Ben Swig, an EMT and founder of Ready Responders. There is a college campus in New England called Brandeis University. On one end of the campus lies the Swig Union Building named for Ben’s great-great-grandfather. At the other end is the Rose Art Museum named for Dave’s great-grand-uncle. If you’ve ever wanted to listen in as a fifth-generation philanthropist chats about legacy with a fourth-generation philanthropist then this is your chance.