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Unfunded List’s mission is to educate future generations of philanthropists and social entrepreneurs about fundraising and the philanthropic process. Our first podcast “Wine Grants” involved wine, a booth, and unscripted chat about philanthropy. Those episodes are archived here.

Currently, the Open Door Philanthropy podcasts interviews philanthropists all over the world for seasons which are grouped by theme. Season One featured notable philanthropists, Season Two was held live at a philanthropy conference, Season 3 (or Season Sh3) focused on woman-identifying philanthropists, For Season Four we interviewed collective givers. 

All of our philanthropy podcasts are available for free wherever you get your podcasts. Interested in being a guest? Please email

Our fourth season of the Open Door Philanthropy Podcast. This season’s theme is simple in concept but tricky in implementation; Collaborative Giving. Learn how each of our guests channel the power of collaborative giving in their work. 

Amy Schiller on Open Door Philanthropy Season 5 Giving Advisors

Amy Schiller

Amy Schiller is a writer and political philosopher. She is currently a Visiting Scholar at Dartmouth College. She has held additional fellowships at Stanford University,

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Emily Rasmussen

Emily Rasmussen

Continuing our series of interviews with collaborative giving leaders, Dave interviews Emily Rasmussen, CEO of Grapevine. Grapevine is an online directory for giving circles that

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mali locke open door philanthropy

Mali Locke 

Mali Locke is the sole Managing Director of Inherent Foundation. Most recently, she was the founding Director of Development at the City Fund, a national

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Chandler Arnold open door philanthropy

Chandler Arnold 

Chandler Arnold and the consultancy he founded, Untraditional Philanthropy has a unique approach. This approach is shaped by 25+ years in the social sector as

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