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Our next round of reviews is open for submissions! Submit before September 15th!

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Our evaluators have reviewed 1,000 proposals since 2015. We understand that philanthropy can be confusing, even frustrating, and we want to help. That’s why we regularly issue this request for proposals in need of review.

The Unfunded List is currently accepting proposals from nonprofits, voluntary associations, social enterprises, and individuals seeking helpful and candid review on their fundraising materials. Every proposal we receive is reviewed by multiple evaluators and every author receives a helpful and candid feedback report as well as the opportunity for a report discussion. Interested proposal authors should submit their proposal by March 15th.

This is the 16th request for proposals issued by Unfunded List

Hundreds of volunteer evaluators are waiting to review your proposal. The Unfunded List Evaluation Committee includes some of the most accomplished grant writers in the world, experienced nonprofit managers, board members and advisors, program officers from some of the world’s most influential foundations, as well as financial, communications, and issue experts of all stripes. We also have reviewers from every continent and nearly every major city. Whatever you are fundraising for we will have relevant and helpful evaluators ready to read your proposal. 

We have conducted 1000 grant proposal reviews 

The authors we have reviewed have found new partnerships, recruited new volunteers, crafted new proposal drafts, and raised millions of dollars in new funding. This round’s submission deadline is March 15th and you can find answers to frequently asked questions on our website. Those we reviewed have called us an “incredible resource” time and time again. Here is more of what they had to say about their review:


“Thanks so much to the Unfunded List for funneling opportunities to us – it’s amazing how fast things have happened from it, and now we’ve got $360,000 to scale up and develop another fingerprint scanner (for babies!)”  ~Simprints

“We just got 60k in new funding from the New York Women’s Foundation. This foundation had not done any funding in the disability space before. You helped us break a glass ceiling, thanks for all you do.” ~RespectAbility

“We cannot tell you how much we appreciate the Unfunded List. The feedback is invaluable. While we always ask for feedback on declined applications, we rarely get a response and even less often get specific feedback. We’ve worked the comments into our applications, and plan to submit again to the same opportunity…Thank you for continuing to offer this opportunity to nonprofits!” ~Food Rescue US

“Thank you [Unfunded List] for this incredible resource! We’re grateful to the volunteer evaluators who took the time to read our application and provide specific, usable feedback. I liked that there were 6 evaluators, as this provides different perspectives while also surfacing common themes among the evaluators. I have shared this with other team members, and this will help shape our future applications and proposals.”   ~A 2019 SOLVE Challenge finalist 

The submission deadline for this round is March 15th. Here are some other important dates:

April 5th – Proposals Assigned to Evaluators
May 23rd – Proposal Feedback due from Evaluation Committee

June 1st – Feedback Reports Sent to Proposal Authors
June 7th – July 31st – Report Discussions

If you are a grant writer then you probably have a lot of deadlines in your life. We understand and we are sorry to add one more request for proposals to your long list but we promise it will be worth it. Great proposal review makes for great proposals.

unfunded list infographic describing process for proposal authors

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