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Philanthropy Consultants & Giving Advisors

The administration of generosity is important work, and many philanthropists want to do it well. Recognizing their own limitations, they hire professional philanthropy consultants to help guide their giving. The world’s savviest investors in companies all have advisors so it makes sense that the savviest donors would employ professional philanthropy consultants. Even those who do not pay a consultant will have an informal network of advisors.

Hardly anyone gives alone, which is something we explored during our last season focused on Collective Giving. For those looking to add some talent to their giving team there are a growing number of professional philanthropy consulting firms and freelancers to choose from. There has been limited research into this growing field but the decisions guided by these consultants have enormous impact. That’s the idea at least.

From MacKenzie Scott to your local community foundation, professional philanthropy consultants are helping guide billions of dollars in donations every month. But who are they? Where did they grow up? What are their ideas about the process of philanthropy and the administration of Generosity? We will find out on this season of Open Door Philanthropy – Giving Advisors.

During our previous seasons we have already interviewed some of the most notable philanthropy consultants in the world. Get excited for Season 5 by revisiting these classic Open Door Philanthropy Episodes.

Launching Season 5 with 3 New Episodes

We are pleased to launch Season 5 with 3 episodes featuring a diverse selection of philanthropy professionals who were born on 3 different continents and who are collectively advising over 1 billion in giving this year. This season we will learn more about each of them and hear their thoughts about the field of philanthropy and the work that they do. 

Unlike previous seasons, we are using a standard question set this season. Dave asks a lot of followups and doesn’t always get to every question but we are hoping that following a standard script will add to the historical importance of these interviews.

ICYMI: Giving Advisors from Previous Seasons