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Good Feedback can be harder to find than funding.

Our Evaluation Committee is standing by to review your grant proposal and provide candid and helpful feedback on how to improve future applications.

DEADLINE: 08/15/22

Co-Review Partners

These grant makers allow their applicants to opt-in for feedback from our Evaluation Committee.

How our Feedback Process Works

You submit your best and most recent fundraising materials.

We assign those materials to a hand selected team of evaluators from our Evaluation Committee.

We compile their feedback into one comprehensive report.

We share that feedback report with you and offer to schedule a free follow up discussion with our staff about your materials and the feedback you received.

Who are the Evaluators?

Our evaluation committee is made up of grant-writers, issue experts, founders, funders and volunteers that want to lend their knowledge and expertise to underfunded change makers. 


First time sending your proposal to us? We charge a $100 fee for first time submissions to ensure efficacy and interest.

After the initial round, proposal authors that we have reviewed previously are invited to participate in future rounds of feedback at no additional cost. 

If you have submitted previously, email [email protected] for a free submission link. 


Feedback Process FAQ

Probably. If you have written down your social change idea then we would be happy to review it for you and give you helpful and candid advice from experts in relevant sectors. If you send us written materials related to your idea, we will review them.

To double check that your idea is a fit for our evaluation committee to review, the Unfunded List currently has three simple questions for determining eligibility:

Do you have a written description of your program like a grant proposal, marketing deck, letter of inquiry, or other document describing your idea/organization?

Are you interested in receiving helpful and candid feedback on your organizational, fundraising, and other philanthropic efforts from the experts on Unfunded List’s evaluation committee?

All organizations or persons that answer yes to both are encouraged to submit. Even if you have been funded before we would love to help you keep going by providing fresh feedback to your idea. If you’re unsure how we can help, feel free to reach out and ask.

Please note that we no longer consider budget size to determine eligibility. We will review projects of any budget size or fundraising history. Organizations and programs with large budgets need feedback too. We would be happy to help if you run such a program (in the past we have reviewed proposals for a larger more established NGOs). We ask that you contact us before submitting if your budget is over 5 million.

We have designed a program that can review any proposal in any format. We have reviewed everything from one page concept notes to 80-page proposals.

There are no specific guidelines for formatting proposals, but in general, it goes best with proposals that follow a format with clearly laid out objectives, rationale, logistics, and next steps for the organization or project. Our evaluators also like it when there is financial information included (ideally a project budget).  The ideal proposal length is 4 to 6 pages but we will review anything up to 20 pages in length. Happy to consider longer proposals, or peculiar formats, but only after a conversation. Please do contact us directly with any specific eligibility questions.

Most of what we review are one time proposals that were submitted to specific funders. However, we can and will review more dynamic documents like executive summaries or business plans. For formal business plans from for-profit entities, we partner with Mentor Capital Network and a number of investment focused-networks to provide additional review and access to their network of investors and entrepreneurial mentors.


Yes, an enormous amount.

Our evaluation committee has a vast array of experience working for and with funding organizations of all sizes. A short, but incomplete, list of organizations where committee members work, have previously worked, or have otherwise been involved includes: the Knight Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation, The Slingshot Fund, The Aspen Institute, Australia’s Greater Charitable Foundation, the Qatar Foundation, the Sehgal Foundation, the Pew Charitable Trusts, the White House, the Skoll Award, Echoing Green, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The committee includes experts familiar with the world of international development funding (DFID, USAID, AusAID, the U.S. State Department, National Science Foundation (NSF)).

We also have evaluators who are experienced securing government grants at the local, state and federal level as well as evaluators with experience in corporate grant-making/partnerships. We even have international evaluators from over a dozen countries and almost every continent. Our academic chops are considerable as well. We partner with George Washington University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology and we have evaluation committee members on the faculty at Stanford, Duke, and Harvard Universities.

Regardless of the the change you are looking to make or the funding institution you are targeting we have evaluators who can help.

We spend a lot of effort building an evaluation committee with a breadth of experience and perspective and we are confident that we can be supportive of any format submitted to any funder. Your proposal will receive the highest quality evaluation to prepare you for success with future submissions to funding organizations. You can learn more about our evaluation committee members here.

We do not provide direct funding of proposals.

Instead, every applicant is guaranteed a comprehensive feedback report and receives equal attention from our committee. Whenever possible, we connect proposals with potential funders and this often results in the funding of proposals. Additionally, it is not uncommon for reviewers to follow up with organizations directly in order to become more involved a supporters, advisors, donors, etc.

There is a strong correlation between Unfunded List honorees and increased funding, growth, and recognition. Think of the Unfunded List as a “temperature gauge” for the strength of your organization. The stronger your rating, the better position you are to grow and succeed as an organization, and if you have room for improvement, our feedback will help better position you for funding in the future.

One of our first applicants, Accountability Lab, has seen their budget grow from $400k to almost $2 million and the Director of their Mali program received one of the first Obama Fellowships. Another Unfunded List honoree, Simprints, recently applied to and won first prize for the WeWork Creator Awards in London on the recommendation of the Unfunded List evaluation Committee and won $360,000. From last round, which was just completed, one of our applicants SoaPen received a prestigious Halcyon Fellowship and RespectAbility, a current honoree, received a $60,000 grant from the New York Women’s Foundation after incorporating our feedback into their appeal.

The Unfunded List operates with the generous support of our board of directors, a handful of individual family foundations and the MacArthur Foundation. We also charge $100 per application submitted to our program.

Unfunded List is a 501c3 organization. You can support our work with a tax deductible gift here: Donate to Unfunded List

Finding a dozen relevant experts to read and review a grant proposal takes time and effort and money. It costs us about $1,000 per proposal review and our funders cover the majority of the costs of the program. In consideration, we do ask a small application fee to help cover these overhead costs and to ensure that we can continue to provide high quality feedback to unfunded ideas. The $100 fee also ensures our applicants have some skin in the game and keeps the pool of proposals we receive at a manageable size. From experience, we have found that the fee leads to higher quality submissions.

If the $100 fee is an absolute impossibility for you and the only hurdle to submitting a proposal please contact us and we will work it out.

This is a one-time fee. If you pay it once then you are eligible to submit to us every round without the fee. Every round we reach out to past applicants with a special link to submit for free.

Have a question not answered above? Please email our founder Dave at [email protected] and he will be happy to answer your questions.