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A virtual symposium on

Inclusive Philanthropy

Sunday, October 16th, 2022*

We believe that philanthropy can be inclusive by including more people. We also believe that the administration of generosity is a challenging task, that making the case for public support is an important part of fundraising, and that the inner workings of nonprofits are not always fully explored. We invite you to join us for this virtual Symposium covering topics fundamental to the work of philanthropy and grant making.

* The event is free to anyone looking to listen, learn, and speak with us.

Join our Host Committee

Whether you have evaluated with us since the beginning or are just now getting interested in philanthropy, we would love to see you there. The event is free to anyone looking to listen, learn, and speak with us. You can also Join our Host Committee or Make a Donation. Host committee members will help in the planning and marketing for the symposium, make a small contribution to help cover costs, invite guests from their network, and be recognized in the event materials. And of course, you can always make a tax-deductible donation to support our work. 

Schedule of Sessions

All of our sessions take place over Google Meet. There is a closed captioning option and a call-in option. We will share the meeting info with everyone who registers. Most of our sessions will take place live on October 16th and will include time for questions. We also have some additional sessions planned for later in the year. All of the sessions will be recorded and shared.

Have a good idea for a session related to inclusive philanthropy?
Join our Host Committee and we will help you plan it!

“The Case for Public Support”

Sunday, October 16, 2022; 1:00pm EDT

To qualify as a public charity in the US, organizations must pass something called the Public Support Test. This is how the IRS determines whether a public charity is eligible for public support and tax exemption. It is an important test that all public charities must pass in order to raise charitable funds. We will take a look into the realities of the test and segue into a broader discussion about what it means for an organization to have public support.

Amanda Liaw, Catalogue for Philanthropy (DC)
Margaret Chapman, MBA
Managing Director, Unfunded List
Sessions will be streamed live but also recorded with captioning available. Everyone who registers will receive the link afterwards.

“Nonprofit Nuts
& Bolts”

Sunday, October 16, 2022; 3:00pm EDT

People love inspiring stories about nonprofits, especially easily hashtagable stories. And while it is true that those of us who work at nonprofits are #blessed, it is also true that much of our day to day work is anything but inspiring. For this session, we have planned on a fun and dynamic conversation that will focus on real challenges. It is our hope that a better understanding of the day-to-day work will yield even more helpful and candid advice. We also have specific recommendations for funders looking to help nonprofit professionals with the challenges they face at work.

Chandler Arnold, Untraditional Philanthropy
Ashley Lahoud, Northside Center for Childhood Development

Dave Moss
Founder, Unfunded List

Have questions?

“The Administration of Generosity”

Sunday, October 16, 2022; 6:00pm EDT

The world has never been a more generous place. Every trillions of dollars are given without the expectation of financial return. That level of generosity creates busywork! For this year’s opening session we will be joined by professionals from the world of philanthropy to discuss some of the administrative challenges that take place behind the grant making curtain.

Anne Long, Greater Charitable Foundation (AUS)         Christina Charpentier, Ontario Trillium Foundation (CA)

Dave Moss
Founder, Unfunded List
unfunded list

Fall 2022 Proposal Evaluation Q&A

Sunday, October 16th, 2022
7:30pm EDT

Following our learning sessions, we are offering another Q&A for anyone with questions. Proposal authors and evaluators who are participating in this round of review are invited to bring their questions to a brief session with our founder and managing director as well as some board representatives and senior evaluators. Feedback this round is due by October 23rd so this is your last chance to ask questions before we put the reports together. Proposal authors will receive their reports on November 1st and we will schedule report discussions throughout November and December. This is an opportunity to ask questions beforehand and meet other members of the Unfunded List learning community. 

Additional Sessions*

We have several sessions planned for later this year. Symposium guests are welcome to attend these as well.

Feedback on the Feedback:

DATE: November TBD

Unfunded List Feedback on the Feedback sessions have been invaluable for our organization as we continuously improve our program. For this session, we are gathering our Co-Review partners. We piloted co-review with SOLVE at MIT and have since independently reviewed submissions alongside half a dozen other programs as well. We have gathered some of our co-review partners together for a conversation about the importance of independent review for grant proposal authors and how the concept can support a more inclusive and effective philanthropy.

Unfunded List

DATE: December TBD

After each round of review, we like to pause to review our entire process and brainstorm suggestions for improvement. Our program is nowhere near perfect but just like our proposal authors pausing to review what we’ve done helps us improve for the future. We have invited some special experts to share their expertise and will review the entire Fall 2022 process from start to finish.

How to Participate

This will be a virtual symposium so all of our sessions will be presented on Google Meet. Link and access instructions will be shared with registrants. Each session will have live captioning available as we make every effort to make our events as accessible as possible. Captions will be reviewed for accuracy before we share recorded sessions.

* The event is free to anyone looking to listen, learn, and speak with us.

About Unfunded List

unfunded list

Unfunded List, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit whose charitable mission is to educate the public about philanthropy. Twice a year we provide candid and helpful feedback to grant proposals. We also write articles about grant-making and the nonprofit sector and interview philanthropists for our podcasts. We host events to provide in person education to our applicants and evaluators, as well as the philanthropy world at large. At Unfunded List we believe that great ideas deserve great feedback and the funding they need to succeed.