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The Administration of Generosity

The world has never been a more generous place. Every trillions of dollars are given without the expectation of financial return. That level of generosity creates busywork so for this session we will be joined by professionals from the world of philanthropy to discuss some of the administrative challenges that take place behind the grant making curtain. 

First, Christina Charptentier describes the work of the Ontario Trillium Foundation. One of the largest in Canada, they have granted nearly $3 billion. Next, we hear from Anne Long, an Australian Philanthropist who has built several corporate philanthropic projects from the ground up. She is currently the CEO of Greater Charitable Foundation and was a founding board member of the Unfunded List. 

After hearing about their work, Dave presents the funder recommendations from the earlier panel and we discuss each of them and what implementing them and building a more inclusive philanthropy would really look like. The panelists in our Nonprofit Nuts & Bolts conversation came up with five tangible recommendations for funders looking to build a more inclusive philanthropy sector by supporting the day-to-day challenges faced by nonprofit employees. The funders in our final panel also discussed those same recommendations. Our five recommendations for funders are:

  1.  Multi-year General Operating Grants
  2.  Accept Proposals Thoughtfully
  3.  Manage Relationships & Expectations
  4.  Engage in Advocacy
  5.  Trust nonprofits to tell their own story

Some of these recommendations are much easier said than done.  Unfunded List and our evaluators appreciate any grant-maker taking steps to be more inclusive with their grants. Make sure to watch the conversations to hear the in depth discussions behind each of our recommendations.