These organizations were honored in the inaugural Unfunded List of 2015. The Unfunded List identifies and promotes great social change ideas that have not yet secured funding using a rigorous proposal evaluation process. All proposals submitted receive helpful feedback, but only those earning the highest evaluations make the twice annual Unfunded List. These were the first grant proposals to be honored, download them now to see why!


Accountability Lab

The Accountability Lab operates as an incubator for creative individuals and organizations to build innovative ideas for integrity in their communities, using arts, media, culture and technology.

Girls Health Ed

Girls Health Ed is a volunteer-based organization that works to address the two interconnected issues of girls’ health and education by delivering health education programming to low-income girls and young women between the ages of 8 and 17.​


ORGANIZE is simplifying the donor registration process. They have built the country’s first-ever centralized registry, currently facilitating donor registrations in all 52 states (including DC and Puerto Rico).​

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