The Unfunded List identifies and promotes great social change ideas that have not yet secured funding using a rigorous proposal evaluation process. All proposals submitted receive helpful feedback, but only those earning the highest evaluations make the twice annual Unfunded List.


Spring 2017 Unfunded List Honorees

180 Degrees Consulting

180 Degrees Consulting exists to provide nonprofits with advice, future leaders with training and development, and vulnerable communities with more effective charity.

El Centro de la Raza

El Centro de la Raza is a Seattle based community center seeking funds to provide one-on-one emergency planning assistance for people at risk of detention or deportation due to their immigration status, with a specific focus on families with children.

Storytelling With Saris

Storytelling with Saris follows the courageous efforts of the women of Katakhali, Bangladesh to adapt to climate change and rising sea levels in their island village.

Fast Forward

Fast Forward accelerates tech nonprofits by investing money, providing training and mentoring, and increasing the visibility of tech nonprofits to scale them to impact. Fast Forward is the only organization dedicated to tech nonprofits as a sector, utilizing a well-established Silicon Valley playbook and applying it to nonprofits.

Medical Research Charities

Medical Research Charities’ mission is to support the discovery of successful treatments and cures for some of life’s most dreaded diseases. MRC is a Federation of charities that are solely dedicated to research, prevention, education and advocacy.

Fall 2017 Unfunded List Honorees


Mavuno organizes communities and builds businesses at the grassroots level in Congo.

Project HEAL

Project HEAL is the leading non-profit in the US delivering prevention, treatment financing, and recovery support for people suffering from eating disorders.


Serve2Unite fosters student leaders who build inclusive, compassionate, nonviolent climates in their schools and surrounding communities.


Simprints is a nonprofit tech startup that helps NGOs, businesses, and governments fight poverty by solving the ID challenge.


Transfernation uses technology to tackle food waste with the help of a dedicated team of independently contracted volunteers and drivers.

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