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We are currently reviewing proposals! Check back later for our next submission deadline.

Ways to Help The Unfunded

You can review a proposal, submit a proposal, submit a batch of proposals, or even join our board! Learn more below.

Review Some Proposals

As we mentioned last week, nearly 1,000 people from all walks of life have reviewed a proposal with us. For some, it was their first proposal. Many others write or review proposals professionally. Collectively, our growing committee of proposal evaluators has both perspective and a wealth of experience in nearly every field. The best way to help the Unfunded List organization is to join our evaluation committee and review proposals with us this Fall. If you are already a member, or have reviewed in the past, please confirm your participation for this Fall. Our favorite evaluators are those that finish all of their assignments early and encourage their friends to do the same.

Submit A Proposal

We also need proposals to review. Anyone from anywhere in the world can submit a proposal to us and we will provide a comprehensive review and the opportunity for a report discussion. We review hundreds of proposals every year but we have the capacity to review many more and that capacity will only grow as our evaluation committee grows and our processes improve. Those interested in having their proposals reviewed can submit them here. 

Submit A Batch Of Proposals

Please note that we only review one proposal from one organization per round. And we love receiving new proposals from new organizations through the website. We also love partnering with grant makers to review large batches of their applicants. We call this kind of partnership “Co-Review” and we piloted it with MIT along with several other grantmakers. 

We know that most grantmakers do not have the capacity to provide substantial feedback to their grantees. Our co-review partnerships allow funders to provide a thorough review to any applicant who requests it without adding to the administrative burden of grantmaking. Organized grantmakers, philanthropy consultants, Giving Circle leaders, and anyone else interested in co-review can learn more about our pilot with MIT here and read some other examples by clicking here and email me ( when you are ready to talk more.

Join one of our Support Committees or Our Board of Directors

We are governed by a small Board of Directors and further assisted by three Support Committees (Governance & Advancement, Knowledge & Procedures, History & Culture). We are actively recruiting members for all three committees and our board. Committee members are required to be active evaluators (and complete their assignments) and make a financial contribution (at any level). Committee members often commit to further support and work on various projects of organizational importance. Board members are active evaluators, make Unfunded List one of their philanthropic priorities, provide oversight to the organization, and participate in one or more Support Committee. To discuss your interest further, please email me ( 

However you support Unfunded List, we could not do our work without you. We have been a “tremendous resource” (their words) for countless unfunded grant proposal authors, many of whom have been able to fund their programs. We want to continue to grow and support the proposals of the future and we thank you for your help.

And, of course, you can always make a tax-deductible donation to support our work.


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