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We are currently reviewing proposals! Check back later for our next submission deadline.

The Unfunded List identifies and promotes great social change ideas that have not yet secured funding using a rigorous proposal evaluation process. All proposals submitted receive helpful feedback, but only those that make the greatest impression on our Evaluation Committee make the twice annual Unfunded List. 

Your proposal or idea could be featured on our official List if you submit it to Unfunded List for feedback from our Evaluation Committee. You will receive feedback and advice that can help your organization or mission, and have the possibility of being featured on our official List of underfunded ideas that deserve attention and recognition. 

You can also join our Evaluation Committee to give feedback and advice to other proposals and hone your skills and knowledge of the philanthropy world in our Library of Philanthropy Education.

The following organizations were of particular interest to our Committee out of the batch of proposals that were submitted in the Fall of 2016.

Global EIR partners with cities around the US to invest in their innovation ecosystems, boosting new business formation, attracting capital, and driving job creation. Their goal is to unlock the potential of a new generation of entrepreneurs and have them use their opportunities to create professional opportunities in the innovation economy for Americans around the country.

Free the Slaves works to reduce people’s vulnerability, help those in slavery to freedom, and transform the political, economic, cultural, and social circumstances that make slavery possible.

CityDance DREAM has partnered with thousands of students at schools, recreation centers and community sites across the district in an effort to position youth to push boundaries, unlock potential, and pursue their dreams through the transformative power of dance.

NABU.ORG (formerly Library For All) is a nonprofit organization that has built a digital library to globally deliver quality educational materials. Their mission is to create a literate world.

The Open Media Foundation is an innovative media and technology nonprofit dedicated to putting the power of the media into the hands of the people, enabling everyone to engage in their community and bring about the change they wish to see in the world.

The Solstice Initiative expands access to clean energy by providing community-based solar power to American households. This model enables any resident to enjoy clean energy at no upfront cost and save money on their electric bill every month.

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